Whether you’re a business, public sector organisation, landlord or private homeowner, security is always an issue these days. You need the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve done all you can to safeguard your property. And that means installing the right alarm system.

Whatever alarm you need, GLW can supply and fit it. We offer every level and type, from basic units to highly sophisticated systems:

  • Communicators – we can install a system using either landlines or GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications
  • Alerts – your alarm system can alert you if something needs investigating, via either SMS messages, voice messages or emails
  • Monitoring – you can connect to your property via a remote monitoring service, which can then contact the police directly should there be something untoward
  • Zones – your system can include simple contact, infra-red detection and fire alarm facilities, with the latter incorporating smoke, optical and heat sensors
  • We can also add more elaborate sensors – such as pressure mats, dual-tech – infra-red & microwave – plus photo-electric beam or glass breakage detectors and more