Making citizens safer walking round town at night. Helping the police catch criminals who’d otherwise go free. Giving property-owners the peace of mind of knowing their assets are being looked after. Warning the wrong kind of visitor to keep away and look for easier pickings.

CCTV does so much for us these days! Yet did you realise there’s even more it can do? Take the factory environment. You can observe what’s happening from a central control room, without moving from your chair. In places like wildlife parks, CCTV can be invaluable tracking animals. Inhospitable atmospheres such as underwater can be explored and monitored, without putting anyone at risk. There are so many possibilities.

And GLW Electrical can help you realise them, without spending a fortune.

In truth, making the most of CCTV is much easier than it used to be. It’s now usually a case of recording the captured images on a DVR – digital video recorder. Then, just access them over the internet. If you have a smart phone – iPhone, Android or Blackberry – you can simply use that. You can also receive captured images by email.

It means that if there’s something that needs checking out, you can do it live over the net in seconds, and issue instructions if appropriate. All the while, the images are being recording to disk, too. You can then back them up and send them to the police or insurance company – even Harry Hill on TV if you like!

CCTV from GLW. You’re not in the picture without it.