Digital Signage


Once upon a time there were posters and point-of-sale. And they certainly set the cash tills ringing in their time. Now, though, static images and print are a bit, well, old hat!

Signage and in-store advertising has moved into the 21st century. In other words, they’ve gone digital. And GLW can help you make the most of the trend. We can install every type of digital signage, from a single monitor on a sales desk to multiple large format screens that bring your entire wall alive.

We make things surprisingly simple for you to run, too. Essentially, we offer three ways to supply content:

  • Via a DVD – either static or repeating content
  • With a USB pen drive or other memory card
  • Fully managed over the internet

What’s more, you can have content time and date managed, to keep things lively and bang up to the minute. And how does that work? Easily! Let’s take some examples.

Say you’re running a pub with a Happy Hour, and want to promote particular drinks at special prices. Before Happy Hour, you can advertise what time it starts, and even run a countdown to the big moment. Once Happy Hour starts, you can then use each different screen to promote a different drink. Finally, as the magic hour is about to draw to a close, you can have another countdown.

If you’re in the restaurant business, you can have your specials displayed digitally. It’s a bit more eye-grabbing than chalk on a blackboard! What’s more, you can continually update the content. While if a choice on the menu sells out, just log in and take it off the list.

If you’re running a retail store, give your offers, promos and loss leaders the high profile they deserve, and really help them work to the max.

Digital signage. Don’t fight it! Call GLW to discuss how it can help you now.