All your systems working together – CCTV, alarms, lighting, door access – and more.

Sounds like a dream? Not any more!

GLW can integrate your electrical systems, enabling them to work together seamlessly. It saves time and effort, improves security and generally makes life more convenient. Here are just a couple of examples of how it can work:

  1. Your alarm is linked to CCTV. Before you leaving your building at night you set the alarm. This automatically tells your CCTV Recorder that the property is alarmed, and sets it for video motion detection. When any such detection occurs, it then sends a signal for your lighting system to switch on the lights. Doesn’t that sound easier?

What’s more, your system can also be programmed to text your mobile phone, or email images to any address you nominate. You can then connect remotely to the CCTV recorder via the internet, simply by using your PC or smartphone.

  1. Your computer-controlled door access system is integrated with your fire alarm. When the fire alarm rings it sends a signal to all doors to unlock, allowing staff and visitors to exit the premises quickly and with the minimum of fuss. And making your building much safer in the process.

In practice, there are many more ways that integration can help your systems, and many more individual systems that can be integrated. To discuss how integration can help you, call or email GLW Electrical.